PCC2 Version History

This page lists new features and important bugfixes for PCC2.

2.0.13 (11/Apr/2022)

PRs fixed in 2.0.13
442Crash on base task editor
  • new: taxation growth can show relative (percentage) growth
  • new: when drawing circles, type <digit> W or <digit> G to make a circle of N2 (or 2*N2) ly
  • improved: load fuel onto mate when setting up a chunnel
  • bugfix: crash when primary-enemy value is out of range
  • bugfix: crash in base task editor with pre-existing parts
  • bugfix: tax effect prediction did not recognize multiple types of effects (hiss, terraforming) at the same time
  • bugfix: FLAK simulator uses configured ESB, not host's

2.0.12 (29/Sep/2021)

PRs fixed in 2.0.12
388Show base image in starchart BASELOCK
397Configure mousewheel in starchart
399Exit without saving
400Disable auto-warp
401Change unit labels
402Failure to open aux file should not be fatal
428Simulator: aggressor/opponent distinction lost
431Weapon effects computed wrong
  • new: auto-warp can be turned off in configuration
  • new: ESC offers save-without-exit and exit-without-save
  • improved: updated FLAK support: add simple 3D mode, and fix some bugs (including crashes)
  • improved: build queue manager shows planned builds, summary
  • improved: new interpreter functions (Pref(), AddPref)
  • bugfix: simulator now correctly implements Aggressor/Opponent distinction for PHost, also shows roles of a ship in VCR

2.0.11 (16/Mar/2021)

PRs fixed in 2.0.11
419new: Hyperdrive warp factor
420new: Undo buy weapons
423bugfix: Crash in base task editor
  • new: sell torpedoes/fighters
  • new: hyperdrive uses engine's default speed, not warp 2, for better tow resistance
  • improved: simulator: small details to avoid inconsistencies (e.g. prevent setting Cloak+Kill at the same time)
  • improved: message parsing: more reliably delete minefields that are gone
  • bugfix: PCC2 was not showing some ships you scanned when it thought they were destroyed

2.0.10 (30/Nov/2020)

PRs fixed in 2.0.10
415new: NuHost: Fascist Fast Beams
394bugfix: Simulator: Cloaked fighter bays vs NT1
  • new: receive file transfers from host (including new race names)
  • new: show ship abilities as images (experimental; can be disabled on Options > Preferences > User Interface)
  • improved: formulas: Tholian population, alchemy
  • improved: message parsing/history
  • improved: Space to set default warp
  • bugfix: choose correct mine field to lay in for PHost

2.0.9 (19/Apr/2020)

PRs fixed in 2.0.9
22new: Allied chunnel
394improved: Highlight ineffective PE
  • new: build queue manager (Q on base screen)
  • improved: planet scan (F5) reworked
  • improved: nav chart now allows setting up allied chunnels

2.0.8 (24/Nov/2019)

  • improved: information display and predictions. Most important ones are:
    • taxation: what-if (W) shows effects on growth and happiness if you had terraformers/hissers.
    • taxation: growth prediction for Tim-Host
    • hull functions: show whether a cloaking device is currently broken due to damage
    • movement: Tim-Host pythagoras bug
  • new: F6 has a "ship exactly at" filter, useful for planets. Previously we only had a "ships near" filter.
  • improved: interpreter: ByName(), UCase(), LCase() functions; some PCC1 compatibility fixes

2.0.7 (17/Jun/2019)

  • improved: add many old PCC2 features. Most important ones are:
    • simulator: sort/filter hull list
    • simulator: edit alliances/enemies
    • feed ship history from VCRs
    • view util.dat (Alt-U)
    • ship lists focus on current ship when opening
    • interpreter: Cfg function supports ExperienceLevelNames
  • improved: interpreter: Listbox().Add supports two-column lists using Tab character (which can now be written as "\t")

2.0.6 (23/Feb/2019)

PRs fixed in 2.0.6
239NuVCR allows >100 shield
243NuVCR allows >10 bays
254Simulator: >10 bays for NuHost
260NuVCR Saber
381FCBO inconsistencies between ship list and bsim
383SelectionLoad UI is without effect
387Fuel consumption in starchart
389Listbox().Run fails "Not in graphics mode"
  • new: add ability to simulate Red Wind Cloaked Fighter Bays, Saber Shield Generator
  • bugfix: Listbox().Run did not work

2.0.5 (19/Aug/2018)

PRs fixed in 2.0.5
299Plugin installation fails on virgin system
373Ship/planet sim does not use experience
374Crash: movement.cc:213
378Foreign ship names not shown
379PCC2 does not save industry levels
380Tim-Host allies do not work
  • new: plugins can now provide help pages and extend/replace existing help pages. The first user is the PHost 4 documentation plugin.
  • bugfix: plugin installation failed on virgin system [#299]
  • bugfix: self-tow could lead to crash [#374]
  • bugfix: ship/planet sims did not use experience [#373]
  • bugfix: foreign ship names were not shown [#378]

2.0.4 (01/May/2018)

PRs fixed in 2.0.4
91Moving the waypoint with a script does not affect the scanner
357Missing: support for MaximumFightersOnBase in cargo transfer
358export: misleading error message
359export: save/load settings
362Illegal supply buy
363Fleet intercept mission inconsistency
365c2mgrep: wrong addressee shown
368Assimilation prediction
369Wrong ship image displayed
370Chunnel wrap effects
371Crash: movement.cc:208
  • new: explain ship predictions (Q). Shows what missions and orders were considered in computing the fuel usage.
  • new: save/load export settings. c2export option '-c' to use a saved settings file
  • new: interpreter: DirectoryEntry() function
  • improved: many prediction and display issues. Borg assimilation was totally off, tax population growth now honors terraform and hiss.
  • improved: combat: simulator shows weapon specs, combat details window offers ship spec sheet (S)
  • bugfix: undo-supply-sale could allow you to buy too much [#362]
  • bugfix: intercept chain could lead to crash [#371]
  • Note for developers: PlanetsCentral.com is now running c2ng servers, no longer those from PCC2.

2.0.3 (25/Nov/2017)

PRs fixed in 2.0.3
261NuVCR generates 119 battles
342hullfunc.cc parser bugs
343c2export - HTML export does not properly escape
351Crash on turn with no messages
  • new: show a planet's/ship's messages (Shift-M), show message flags on starchart (Alt-M)
  • multiple changes to PlanetsCentral servers

2.0.2 (15/Jan/2017)

PRs fixed in 2.0.2
100Search for own units
306Rich-text functions not UTF-8 aware
307RStyle leaks memory
308Crash with obscure script command
313Ctrl+N vs. wrap seam
314Map grid on non-square maps
315UI.Message with unicode button
316"#" in JSON array export
317c2mgrep does not accept wildcards under Windows
322Ufo color properties
324Crash with manipulated chart.cc file
325Crash in script interpreter
326Interpreter invalid iteration behaviour
327Context references treated inconsistently
328Script optimizer bug - InvertJumps
  • new: interpreter 'Call' command
  • new: wildcard expansion for Windows version to make c2mgrep actually useful
  • improved: planetary taxation prediction honors Hissss
  • improved: planetary defense prediction honors experience
  • improved: some minor display improvements
  • bugfix: many interpreter-related ones, including possible crashes

2.0.1 (02/Jul/2016)

PRs fixed in 2.0.1
292Dividers in ship list
293SRace support
294Failure to open control screen
295Outrider shown with too many hullfuncs
296Script crash
300MapTruehullByPlayerRace support missing
303Crash when c2nu is used
304Wrong simulation result
  • new: MapTruehullByPlayerRace and SRace support
  • bugfix: several crashes
  • bugfix: wrong VCR result with PHost
  • improved: ship predictions now on a par with PCC 1.x

2.0 (05/Mar/2016)

PRs fixed in 2.0
276Installer overwrites custom options in link
284Crash when deleting minefields
286Delete active last line in auto-task
289Handle Unclonable
290Auto tasks move across the seam

This version marks the end of the "beta" series.

  • improved: give advice when cloning unclonable ships
  • bugfix: two crashes
  • some cleanups and minor fixes

1.99.26 (20/Jul/2015)

PRs fixed in 1.99.26
275Min fighters: 2**31
277"x" doesn't close PCC2
278Remote control vs. give
279Display experience points
280Indeterminate marker tags
281UseKeymap exits control screen
282word wrapping fails on long words
  • new: full support for Remote Control
  • new: ship prediction (C-n) and cargo summary on visual scan (C-c)
  • new: ability to unpack turn files
  • new: ion storm forecast
  • new: export detailed bill/cargo summary/fleet cost summary
  • new: marker tags
  • new: show ranges on starchart (C-r)
  • new: search/go to chunnel mate (M-m, C-m)
  • improved: object selection dialogs and control screens
  • improved: "[X]" window icon now closes PCC2 from most places
  • improved: simulator
  • bugfix: protect against more invalid data from host

1.99.25 (02/May/2015)

PRs fixed in 1.99.25
263PHost Alliance config generates bad commands
266Enter/Space while moving a marker
267Reply to anonymous message
268Host Version
269Cannot scroll across duplicate fcodes
  • new: plugins. Press F5 on the PCC2 or PlayVCR game selection to open the plugin manager. Windows users can double-click a plugin to install it.
  • improved: precise host version detection, so version dependencies are now handled correctly.
  • improved: messages
    • reply to anonymous now works
    • decode headers of message-to-self-and-others
  • improved: notifications
    • use word-wrap (d'ooh!)
    • show and confirm notifications from Auto Task editors
    • "go to" takes you to Auto Task screen if appropriate
  • improved: interpreter: more and better hooks, commands, and properties
  • improved: help file
  • bugfix: PHost "alliance" commands were wrong

1.99.24 (01/Mar/2015)

  • new: Game Settings (RST password, message language, etc.)
  • bugfix: "reset location" would mess up clans/torps on planets

1.99.23 (12/Jan/2015)

  • new: alliance editor
  • new: reset location (M-r) on all control screens
  • new: search opens minefield/ion/ufo info (not starchart)
  • new: mini-map in minefield/ion/ufo info
  • new: can now go from the VCR details view to actual unit
  • new: implement thousands-separator, show-clans options
  • improved: simulator:
    • watch sample battle for minimum/maximum damage for a unit, etc.
    • NuHost ability "squadron"
    • abilities configurable for planets
    • ship costs can include ship tech

1.99.22 (16/Feb/2014)

  • improved: simulator: NuHost abilities "double beam/torp recharge", "triple beam kill", "elusive" can now be simulated
  • improved: interpreter:
    • added optimisation
    • added some commands
    • added local subroutines, types

1.99.21 (21/Sep/2013)

  • improved: interpreter:
  • improved: message reader, imperial stat
  • bugfix: character-set confusion in pcc2.ini, lru.ini
  • bugfix: crash when canceling a build order that conflicts with a clone

1.99.20 (24/Mar/2013)

  • improved: internal storage of game data. This allows new use cases, including new history features:
    • PCC2 now knows that if you're getting a v3.5 RST and don't scan your minefield, it's gone
    • if a ship changes its hull type, PCC2 forgets its other properties as the ship was obviously destroyed and a new one built
  • improved: object list formatting to include ship type and comment, like PCC 1.x
  • improved: display details on control screens:
    • added mission warning (yellow if PCC2 thinks it'll fail)
    • added build queue position display on starbases
    • fuel usage goes red if ship has no fuel and no-fuel-move is off
  • new: added filter to avoid mouse jumps when switching into starchart under Windows
  • new: added predefined expressions for Label configuration (M-l)
  • new: added storage of last search/label expressions
  • improved: behaviour of search and selection to be more like PCC 1.x
  • bugfix: correct order of Fed +25% bonus in simulation for PHost/Nu
  • bugfix: PCC2 allowed lowering tech after building tech 10 torps or beams, causing a red status on the TRN
  • bugfix: the interpreter's First and Rest functions accidentally had their parameters swapped compared to PCC 1.x
  • bugfix: PCC2 crashed when a fleet leader was captured

1.99.19a (19/Dec/2012)

  • bugfix: fixed PHost 4 combat support

1.99.19 (17/Dec/2012)

  • new: added configuration dialog (M-p on race screen) and a handful of new options
  • new: added starchart configuration dialog (M-o on starchart)
  • new: added circular wrap support
  • new: added canned markers (C-m or '1 m' to '9 m' to place one in the starchart or a scanner, configure using config dialog)
  • new: added support for per-game pcc2.ini
  • new: added turn/result/starchart file backup function
  • new: added Struct nnn command to interpreter
  • new: added property list to console (M-v)
  • new: added option '-F' for c2export
  • improved: file requester: show links to Desktop and My Files in Windows
  • improved: VCR internals, especially for FLAK. PCC2 loads FLAK combat normally, plays it within the client, and allows "add to simulation" like for normal combat. Also, the NuHost simulator now knows that Lizard planets only take 100% damage.

1.99.18 (09/Jun/2012, beta18)

  • new: added ExploreMap support
  • new: added predefined/LRU list for search function
  • new: added combat score/build point display: 's' on combat diagram, and on individual VCRs
  • improved: interpreter: report errors caused by a hook run in the background
  • improved: input handling: keypad friendliness, some more keys available for binding

1.99.17 (21/Jan/2012, beta17)

  • new: added fleet support (F10)
  • new: added multi-unit cargo transfer ('d' on ship screen)
  • new: added clone support (on ship's 'b' menu)
  • new: added export feature:
    • added Export global action
    • added new command line utility: c2export
  • new: added tab completion on console
  • improved: starchart widget: M-m, M-i, M-u, etc. now work on all starcharts that have keyboard focus (use 'y' to focus on the scanner and reconfigure its settings)
  • improved: interpreter:
    • added 'Lock' function
    • improved file error handling
    • improved serialisation (suspend-to-disk)
  • improved: c2mgrep: '-z' to look in ZIP files
  • bugfix: potential crash in message parser
  • bugfix: crash on cargo history [Roman Perelshtein]
  • bugfix: allow fixing allied ships [Roman Perelshtein]

1.99.16 (25/Nov/2011, beta16)

  • new: added auto task support (RET on ship/planet/base)
    • added notification messages (M-n on player screen)
    • added persistent storage of multi-turn scripts (scriptX.cc)
  • new: added process manager (M-q)
  • new: added VCR information display ('l', 'r' on VCR selector)
  • new: added mark range feature ('r' on starchart)
  • new: added ship cost calculator ('s' on starbase screen)
  • improved: nav chart: chunnel support, recenter, more warp circles
  • improved: planet scan: ground combat prediction, "won't die" rule
  • improved: Tim-VCR: 10% faster, NuHost support
  • improved: combat diagram: tooltips, two color schemes
  • improved: ammo building: display weapon specs, build from ship screen ('b')
  • improved: several widgets (mining, mine sweep, ...)
  • improved: interpreter: 2-3x faster for many routines
  • bugfix: AltGr characters should now work under Windows
  • 1.99.15 (18/Sep/2011, beta15)

    • new: added help system ('h' or M-h almost everywhere)
    • new: added global actions ('g' on player screen)
    • new: added ship history screen (f6)
    • improved: updated PHost configuration support
      • added support for upcoming BaseTechCost option
    • improved: interpreter:
      • added access to VCRs ('Vcr(...)')
      • added hash/dictionary datatype ('a := NewHash()')
    • improved: installer: we now detect (sort-of) Winplan32, which has the VCR integration built in, so we no longer need our whacky integration program.
    • bugfix: movement prediction for PHost occasionally moved ships too far [Alexander Weigand]

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