PCC2 Plugins

Since version 1.99.25, PCC2 supports plugins. Plugins are easy-to-install extensions for PCC that can contain artwork or additional functionality.

To install a plugin, download it and...

  • ...just run it (double-click). If you have installed PCC2 using the installer on Windows, this will install the plugin.
  • ...or press F5 on PCC2's or PlayVCR's game selection screen. Press Ins, navigate to the file, and install it.
  • ...or use the c2plugin command-line tool.

Plugins are not affected by PCC2 upgrades, you do not need to re-install them every time.

Artwork Plugins

By default, PCC2 comes with no ship images. Install an artwork plugin to actually see your ships! Note that some of these plugins are tweaked for a particular ship list, but work almost equally well for other ship lists.

Ship Images (PCC)

This artwork plugin includes the images from PCC 1.x.

Download shipimages.c2z (278k)

Ship Images (Delta Force: TList)

This artwork plugin contains TList / standard ship list images prepared by DeltaForce, a former VGAP website.

Download tlistimages.c2z (781k)

Ship Images (Delta Force: PList 2)

This artwork plugin contains PList 2 ship images prepared by DeltaForce, a former VGAP website.

Download plist2images.c2z (779k)

Ship Images (Delta Force: PList 3)

This artwork plugin contains PList 3 ship images prepared by DeltaForce, a former VGAP website.

Download plist3images.c2z (776k)

Feature Plugins

These plugins add features to PCC2. Brief instructions are shown in each plugin's description when you install it.

Auto Tasks

Some useful auto task commands: AutoLady, AutoOutpostBuild

Download auto.c2z (1777 bytes)

Simple Turn Checker

Checks your turn for mistakes. Reports silly friendly codes, overtaxing, overloading, etc.

Download checker.c2z (2754 bytes)

Comment Timestamps

Adds timestamps to your ship and planet comments. If you write notes to yourself, this helps you know whether a note is too old because you forgot to delete it.

Download comment.c2z (1255 bytes)

Exit to Race Selection

Restores the behaviour of PCC 1.99.25 that "[X]" exits to race selection and does not close PCC2 completely.

Download exitgame.c2z (608 bytes)

ExploreMap helper

Reports when you have found new planets, and marks them with a cactus marker.

Download explmap.c2z (1118 bytes)

Load Minerals for Torps/Fighters

Press Ctrl-C to load minerals. This will automatically compute how much you can build and offer you to load appropriate minerals.

Download load.c2z (1633 bytes)

Ship Namer updated!

Automatically name your ships! Press Shift-N to assign a ship a name from a list, avoiding repetitions.

Download namer.c2z (25k)

PHost 4 Help Files


Provides the PHost 4 manual within the PCC2 help system. Requires PCC 2.0.5 or newer.

Download phost4help.c2z (336k)

Reset Waypoints

Clears waypoints of ships that used warp wells to move to a planet.

Download resetwp.c2z (744 bytes)


Saves the current status of PCC2 when you leave it and restores it when you open it again later this turn.

Download revive.c2z (1621 bytes)

Swap F4 and ESC

Swaps keys so that ESC goes to the map, F4 goes to the menu.

Download swapf4.c2z (770 bytes)

Up/Down Keyboard Navigation

Use up/down arrows to navigate between ships and planets at a place, as if they were in a list. Just like VPA.

Download updown.c2z (1438 bytes)

Visualize Stuff

Draws bars into the starchart to visualize mineral amounts etc. Press Ctrl-V and enter an expression.

Download vis.c2z (2206 bytes)

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