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Welcome to my VGA Planets Page! VGA Planets is play-by-email space-combat by Time Wisseman, game which I'm playing since 1995. You probably know it already or you wouldn't be here. If you don't know it, check out it's official site, (ex But don't forget to come back here, for lots of great stuff to enhance your gameplay experience...

Everything on this page is for VGA Planets version 3.x.

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Like many other people, I also made some utilities to enhance this great game. The biggest one so far is a full-scale client program usable to play complete turns, and now offering tons (literally) of features:

The Planets Command Center

One major drawback of PCC is that it runs on DOS only. This is becoming more and more of a problem. Hence, I'm currently porting (nay, re-writing) it in portable C++. It is already good enough to be used to play turns. I'm using it on Linux and Windows.

Planets Command Center II (PCC2)

The semi-popular PlayVCR program is a spin-off of PCC2.

In case you want to try something new, here's a multi-ship combat system:

Fleet Action Kombat (FLAK)

I've also made some smaller utilities. Some of them have their roots even in my very first game, when we were schoolboys with no 'net access but infinite time. Some of those have been updates, some have been written anew.

Host Utilities
Player Utilities

Being fluent with compilers, I'm occasionally approached to solve some very special problem in the VGAP universe. A collection of those things, made in response to emails or newsgroup postings, and often not fitting into the above categories, is collected here:

VGAP Perl scripts
VPA beta versions


An assorted set of texts describing some of the more obscure aspects of our favourite game, or just food for the curious among you:

VGAP Articles

If you are a programmer, you may be interested in VGAP file formats to make your own add-ons. I have prepared an extensive list, containing all specifications used in making the above programs. You find it, together with some other programmer-oriented stuff, on the...

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