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This document lists and briefly describes every file that is somehow associated with PHOST. Hopefully, this will bring some structure to the myriad files that are part of any game.

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Distribution Files

These are the files that come with the PHOST distribution.

PHOST.EXE The main PHOST program
PVCR.EXE The PVCR battle viewer (for PHOST-generated battles)
PLANG.HST The PHOST language database
PLANGENG.HST The English-only PHOST language database
PCONFIG.NEW Text file help for hosts who wish to convert PHOST 2.x configuration files to the new PHOST 3.x config options
PCONFIG.SRC Sample configuration file for games using the original ship list without alternative combat
PCONFIG2.SRC Sample configuration file for games using the original ship with alternative combat
PCONFIG3.SRC Sample configuration file for games using PLIST with alternative combat
PCONFIG4.SRC Sample configuration file for maximum HOST emulation
WORMHOLE.TXT Sample wormhole input file
MISSION.INI Extended missions file for players
ALLIANCE.HTM Documentation for PHOST alliances
BUILDQ.HTM Documentation for the PHOST priority build queue implementation
CHANGES.HTM A list of changes in each new version of PHOST 3
COMMANDS.HTM Documentation for the PHOST command processor
CONFIG.HTM Documentation for PHOST configuration parameters
DEVELOP.HTM Documentation for PHOST developers
DIFFS.HTM A listing of differences between HOST and PHOST
FAQ.HTM A listing of frequently asked questions (with answers)
FEATURES.HTM A summary listing of features found in PHOST but not in HOST
FILES.HTM This file -- a listing of all PHOST-related files
HOSTING.HTM A listing of issues to be considered by PHOST hosts
HOWTO.HTM Summaries of some common game play functions, such as chunneling and cloning.
HULLFUNC.HTM Documentation for the PHOST custom hull functions interface
LEGAL.HTM Legal information for PHOST
MISSIONS.HTM Documentation for the extended missions supported by PHOST
NEW3.HTM A list of changes from PHOST 2.x to PHOST 3
OOB.HTM Documentation for PHOST's order of battle and other combat information
PCONTROL.HTM A description of PHOST's fine-grain hosting control interface
PLAYING.HTM A list of issues to consider for players in PHOST games
PVCR.HTM Documentation for the PVCR program that comes with PHOST
README.HTM An introduction to PHOST and starting point for other documents
TOC.HTM A Table of Contents for the PHOST documentation
UTILDATA.HTM Documentation for PHOST's auxiliary data file interface
WORMHOLE.HTM Documentation for PHOST's built-in wormhole support
WRAPMAP.HTM Documentation for PHOST's built-in wraparound map support

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Ship List Files

These are the files that collectively describe a "ship list". PHOST will search for these files in either the game directory or the main directory.

HULLSPEC.DAT Data for all the ship hulls
ENGSPEC.DAT Data for all engines
BEAMSPEC.DAT Data for all beam weapons
TORPSPEC.DAT Data for all torpedos and tubes
TRUEHULL.DAT Data describing the ships which each player is allowed to build
HULLFUNC.TXT/HULLFUNC.DAT This optional file is used to indicate a custom hull function configuration to PHOST.

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Universe Map Files

These files collectively define a "universe map". PHOST will search for these files in either the game directory or the main directory.

XYPLAN.DAT Positions of the planets in the universe
PLANET.NM Names of all the planets

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Hosting Data Files

These files are generated and maintained by PHOST during the course of hosting a game. They will all be found in the game directory only.

HOST.LOG Hosting log from the last turn. All of PHOST's messages are written to this file and displayed on the screen.
CHECK.LOG The results of running PHOST with the -c flag (turn check only). The results of checking the host data files is not included in CHECK.LOG. Thus, this file can be sent back to players as a turn check result.
CHECK2.LOG The results of running PHOST with the -c flag (turn check only). The results of checking the host data files is included in CHECK2.LOG. Thus, this file should not be sent back to players as a turn check result. This file is, however, suitable for review by the host.
REG.LOG File written after each turn listing client program registration information for all players
SCORE.LOG The scores from the last hosting turn
TURNSTAT.LOG A list of which players have or have not submitted valid turn files over the course of the game
AUXDATA.HST Data file containing auxiliary PHOST information, such as alliance information, build queue points, etc.
BDATA.HST Data file containing information on starbases
CLOAKC.HST File containing ship cloaking and shield level information
EXTMINES.HST Minefield data containing minefields with ID greater than 500
GEN.HST Data file containing miscellaneous information, such as which players are active in the game
LASTTURN.HST A copy of the NEXTTURN.HST file from the previous turn
MINES.HST Data file containing minefield information
NEXTTURN.HST Data file containing the current turn's time stamp and turn number
PDATA.HST Data file containing planet information
REFDATA.HST Data file with referee program (REF.EXE) information
SHIP.HST Data file containing ship information
SHIPXY.HST Data file containing ship location and ownership information
TONS.HST Data file containing last turn's TONS scoring information as well as cumulative TONS scoring information
UFO.HST Data file containing UFO database
VCR.HST Data file containing all battles that took place on the last turn
XTRFCODE.TXT Text file containing list of additional special friendly codes that must never match
XYPLAN.HST Data file containing planet location and ownership information
HOSTMESS.TXT Text file containing all player messages written to the host (player 12)
MESS.EXT Host-written messages to be sent to the players (written with SENDMESS)
MESSPNT.EXT Pointer file for MESS.EXT
MESS.OLD Player messages from the previous turn
MESSPNT.OLD Pointer file for MESS.OLD
SHIPSCAN.EXT Information on which ships were scanned by whom on the current turn
XTERNCMD.EXT Text file written after turn processing, containing all xtern command processor messages (see the Handling Player Command Messages section of the "Developer Information" page)
GREY.HST Ship experience info, ion storms, and HOST alliances. Only the latter is written by PHOST.

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Unused HOST Files

These files are used by HOST but not by PHOST.

CONFIG.TXT Textual version of the HOST configuration parameters
ERROR.LOG Log file of hosting errors from current turn
ERROROLD.LOG Log file of hosting errors from previous turn
HCONFIG.HST HOST configuration parameters
OLDFIG.HST Backup of old configuration parameters

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This document is maintained by The Portable Host Project[Remote] (support@phost.de).

Last updated 7 December, 2001