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Changes in PHOST 3
The Portable Host



This file describes all of the changes found in the 3.x series of PHOST, as compared to the 2.x series. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with all of the features found in PHOST 2.x. This document consists of a brief but detailed listing of changes, intended to give hosts and players familiar with PHOST 2.x a definitive reference of what has changed in between the two major versions. For a more high-level view of PHOST's features, please see the "PHOST Features" page. For a list of recent changes to the latest release of PHOST 3.x, please see the "Version Changes" page.

The changes in PHOST 3.x are summarized in this section by category. The details of the changes follow in the next section. The final section contains a summary of how the configuration options have changed between PHOST 2 and PHOST 3. This section may help hosts who wish to upgrade their games to PHOST 3.


Hosting Environment

Customization (Design Games)

Add-On Enhancements

Improvements for Add-On Developers

Miscellaneous Improvements

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Detailed List of Changes

Configuration Option Changes Summary

The following config options have been deleted. Please remove these options from your PCONFIG.SRC file: The following config options have been renamed (and enhanced).  Please review the "Configuration Parameters" page and modify the names of these options in your PCONFIG.SRC file. The following config options have been added. Please review their descriptions in the "Configuration Parameters" page and add them to your PCONFIG.SRC file. A whole new set of config options related to the priority build queue have been added. Please see the "Ship Build Queue" page for more information. You may add these to your PCONFIG.SRC file or exclude them, in which case default values will be used.

This document is maintained by The Portable Host Project[Remote] (support@phost.de).

Last updated 7 December, 2001