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Frequently Asked Questions
The Portable Host



This file provides answers to many common questions about PHOST. Some of those questions relate to the game of VGA Planets in general. Questions from both players and hosts are addressed.

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Common Questions

How do I get the latest version of PHOST?

How do I set up a new game?

How do I convert a HOST game to PHOST?

What's the difference between HOST and PHOST?

What's new in PHOST?

What files do I need to convert when hosting on a non-DOS system?

How do I create an alliance?

When do alliances take effect?

Will PHOST work with the Planets 3.5 interface (WinPlan) ?

Will PHOST be available for the FOO platform?

How do I use an ALTLIST with PHOST?

Can I switch between using PHOST and HOST?

Can I use VPHOST with PHOST?

Can I use PHOST with add-on programs?

What are all of the special friendly codes? Which ones are registered-only codes?