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06 May 2018

Released PCC2NG 2.40.4.

This version adds a few more prototype features: VCR, message reader, and game directory setup. On the infrastructure side, we can now support SDL2, and there are several new algorithms and utilities ported.

This still is a development preview not suited for general public use.

01 May 2018

Released PCC2 2.0.4.

This release improves a lot on predictions. If a ship does more than just moving, you can press Q on a ship screen to get an explanation what missions and actions are considered for fuel usage computation. This is intended to clean up the confusion whether your lfm order had been honored or not. On planets, Borg assimilation prediction was totally off previously. Tax prediction can now honor terraforming and Hisss.

The "export" function (and the c2export utility) can now save and restore an export setup to a file.

Among minor fixes, two major bugs have been fixed: you could previously create illegal turns by buying too many supplies using the undo-supply-sale function. Intercept chains could cause the list-ships function to crash.

23 Jan 2018

Released PCC2NG 2.40.3 (Milestone Three).

This release includes most PlanetsCentral servers and improves on the scripting language. It still is mostly a tech demo.

25 Nov 2017

Released PCC2 2.0.3.

This release adds one new feature: a ship's/planet's messages can be retrieved from the ship/planets object, and a marker on the starchart (Alt-N) can show presence of messages.

In addition, this release fixes a few bugs. More work in this release has been put into the code that drives PlanetsCentral, not all of it is current "live", though.

15 Jan 2017

Released PCC2 2.0.2.

This release fixes many bugs and adds a few display improvements.

Along with this PCC2 release goes PCC2 NG Milestone One. This (still) is a tech demo of a possible future PCC2 release, but it's not yet ready for playing.

25 Sep 2016

Released PCC2 NG Milestone Zero.

This is a tech demo of a possible future PCC2 release. Its main features are network play and (finally!) support for history viewing. It's not yet ready for playing.

02 Jul 2016

Released PCC2 2.0.1.

This release fixes multiple crashes, brings ship predictions up on a par with PCC 1.x, and adds proper support for MapTruehullByPlayerRace and SRace.

21 May 2016

Released c2nuvcr 0.3.

This version (finally) updates the program to current Nu server APIs, aka, "it works again".

05 Mar 2016

Released PCC2 2.0.

After 15 years in development, it's probably justified to let it have its target version number. This release fixes a few bugs, among these some crashes, and cleans up a little.

28 Feb 2016

Updated the Namer plugin. It now has names for all races.

20 Jul 2015

Released PCC2 1.99.26. This release adds many tasty features that were missing from version 1.x: ship prediction, sensor range visualisation, the ability to unpack turn files, and - of course - PCC 1.x's inofficial flagship feature: ion storm forecasts. Several minor features were added and bugs fixed as well.

02 May 2015

Released PCC2 1.99.25. This release introduces plugins. I also reworked the website to look a tiny little bit more modern. In addition to that, small improvements and bugfixes. In particular, alliance commands now work correctly.

01 Mar 2015

Released PCC2 1.99.24. This release fixes a serious bug with the new Reset Location function. It also adds some new configuration options, including the classic RST password, and a user-interface to PHost features like "rename your race".

12 Jan 2015

Released PCC2 1.99.23. This release adds more features (alliance editor, reset location, improved mine/ufo/ion screens, thousands-separator option) and improves the simulator (more options, ability to watch sample battles for minimum/maximum results).

20 Dec 2014

Updated the VGAP Timeline with last year's events in PCC and PHost.

Updated the File Format List with new information about PCC2, FLAK.

15 Feb 2014

Released PCC2 1.99.22. This release adds improvements and fixes to the combat simulator, in a first attempt to simulate more planets.nu features. Also, the script interpreter was improved.

21 Sep 2013

Released PCC2 1.99.21. Again, this release features few new features, but many improvements and fixes, bringing it closer to PCC 1.x's feature set.

04 Jun 2013

Released PCC 1.1.19. It now supports PHost's BaseTechCost option, but otherwise there were only few fixes. It's a mature program after all.

And for editor specialists, there's an update of ccscript.el.

24 Mar 2013

Released PCC2 Beta 20. This release includes many internal rewrites, fixes, and improvements (but no major new features so far).

19 Dec 2012

Released PCC2 Beta 19a. This fixes a last-minute bug in beta 19, a crash when watching PHost 4 combat.

17 Dec 2012

Released PCC2 Beta 19.

  • Added map configuration and wrapped map support.
  • Added configuration management (user/game config) and turn file backups.
  • Improved FLAK integration.
  • Improved interpreter.
09 Jun 2012

Released PCC2 Beta 18.

  • Added ExploreMap support.
  • Added support for cc256.res.
  • Added predefined search expression list.
  • Improved input support: now supports touchpads, and allows binding some more keys.
23 Jan 2012

Assorted updates:

21 Jan 2012

Released PCC2 Beta 17.

  • Added fleets (F10 on ship screen). Move ships in groups!
  • Added multi-ship cargo transfer (D on ship or fleet screen). Easy fuel distribution!
  • Added export function (on Global Actions menu or standalone as c2export). Transfer ship stats into Excel!
  • Improved interpreter
  • Fixed some crashes
22 Dec 2011

Updated File Format List. This update brings a little PCC2 information.

16 Dec 2011

Added c2nuvcr, a Perl program that can import VCRs from planets.nu into PlayVCR, making watching VCRs a little more fun.

25 Nov 2011

Released PCC2 Beta 16.

  • Added Auto Tasks (Enter on control screens). Enter commands for your ships in advance!
  • Added warrior information.
  • Improved nav chart: set up chunnels, more warp circles, ...
  • Improved interpreter: up to 3x faster
13 Nov 2011
Updated timeline with 2010/2011 versions.
17 Sep 2011

Released PCC2 Beta 15.

  • Added ship history screen (F6). This helps a lot in observing enemy movement.
  • Added global actions.
  • Added help system. It currently contains only brief help, the same text as the overview file included with PCC2, but is expected to grow.

As usual, a heap of fixes and improvements are included as well, including one important fix to movement mispredictions.

18 Jun 2011

Released PCC2 Beta 14.

This release adds a ton of information functions:

  • Detailed Bill ('d' on ship build screen)
  • Combat Diagram (Tab on VCR selection)
  • Population prediction on taxation, PHost-only
  • Imperial Statistics
  • Fleet Cost Comparison (Ctrl+C on simulator)

The simulator can now simulate planets with experience, which is required for the current PList.

In addition, I added the usual fixes and improvements.

22 Apr 2011

Released PCC2 Beta 13.

This release's topic is messages: first, it fills the biggest gap that PCC2 was still having: it adds a message parser. This means you can now sensibly use PCC2 with Tim's host. Unlike PCC 1.x's message parser, PCC2's is controlled by a .ini file. This makes it easy to add own templates (although the syntax is not yet set in stone). As an example, PCC2 can now plot the "Ship tonnage sunk" score sent by PHCc, and the "PTScore used" score sent by PTScore.

While at it, I also improved the message handling GUI in PCC2, so it now includes all features we know and love from PCC 1.x, and I threw in a c2mgrep command line utility.

I have also updated the fonts. PCC2 now has most fonts in regular and bold-face, allowing for some nice graphical effects.

The usual heap of fixes and improvements is included as well.

06 Mar 2011
Prepared a Debian package containing PCC2 beta 12. It should work on every x86 (i386) Debian or Ubuntu system which has the packages libsdl1.2debian-all, libsdl-image1.2, and libstdc++5 installed.
20 Feb 2011

Released PCC2 Beta 12.

PCC2 now supports Unicode. You do no longer have to mess with replacement fonts to play a Russian game, you only have to tell it to use the character set you want (for example, pcc-v2 -charset cp866 for Cyrillic, or pcc-v2 -charset cp437 for Western European DOS). Under Unix, PCC2 supports the now-common UTF-8 locales.

The script interpreter was improved a lot: it now supports file I/O and arrays.

An important bug has been fixed: the GUI maketurn didn't generate registered turns by accident. It now does. Thanks for FireAge for finding this.

24 Oct 2010

Released PCC2 Beta 11.

This release includes an all-new and improved game selection, including Unpack, Maketurn, and Sweep. Maketurn is now also available as a command-line utility (Unpack and Sweep have already been included in previous versions). In addition, it was made a lot more robust.

03 Sep 2010

Added an article about movement distances in Tim's host: How far can you get in one turn? This problem comes up every once in a while, so I've brushed up an older usenet article of mine with pictures.

08 Aug 2010

Released PCC2 Beta 10.

The starchart has been revised to include a full information display. Most commands are now implemented as scripts and are thus available from the starchart. VPA aficionados will probably appreciate this: please, tell me what you think.

In addition, PCC2 now supports multiple selections (Alt-.), and the script interpreter was improved a lot.

25 Jul 2010

Uploaded some screenshots for PCC2.

01 Jun 2010

Released PCC2 Beta 9 and PCC 1.1.18.

PCC2 now includes the scripting engine. The console accepts commands, and you can run own scripts (commonly stored in .q files). The scripting language is 99% identical to the one from PCC 1.x, but some things are still missing. Beta 10 will close the gaps, and most likely add auto-tasks.

The PCC2 language also includes some things PCC 1.x didn't yet have. Therefore, I updated PCC 1.x to include some of the new things, allowing you to write scripts that run in both versions. That, plus assorted bugfixes and minor improvements, makes up PCC 1.1.18.

14 Mar 2010

Released PCC2 Beta 8. Beta 8 add's the first version of PCC's flagship feature: the script interpreter. With that, we'll get back useful features such as the console/calculator (Alt-C) and the universal search function (F7).

The language implemented by PCC2's interpreter is almost the same as PCC 1.x's. However, its internals are completely different from the old version.

18 Feb 2010

Released CCBSim This release adds support for the recent PHost options EModPlanetaryTorpsPerTube and UseBaseTorpsInCombat.

16 Jan 2010

Released PCC2 Beta 7. This release adds several new features bringing it closer to the state of the art of VGAP clients:

  • There is now an interface for PHost commands. PCC2 can generate "remote" commands as well as "give ship" and "give planet". You can also create or edit most other PHost commands using the Auxiliary Commands window (Alt-E on race screen).
  • PCC2 now also learned the indispensible Ship Specification display. You can invoke it from the ship screen, ship build screen, and visual scanner. The latter now also includes a useful list view which, like in PCC 1.x, can be sorted using the right mouse button or the '#' or '\' keys.

In addition, the structure of the RSS feed was changed a little, for the better, I hope. Those who use RSS more than I do, please comment.

03 Jan 2010
Updated the File Format List with new PHost and PCC2 information, and minor fixes.
15 Nov 2009
Released PCC2 Beta 6.
04 Oct 2009
The site's layout has been modernized a little. Most pages now feature a navigation bar. Some pages have been split for easier navigation. I've also added an article about web mine hit odds in Tim's host. More articles will follow.
04 Jul 2009
Released PCC2 Beta 5.
30 May 2009
Released PCC2 Beta 4.
The client is now really playable, and completely supports the PCC 1.x starchart database file format. I also threw in some new command-line programs and a help page.
17 Dec 2008
Released PCC II Beta 3.
The client should now be playable; the simulator was improved, too. Don't say there is no progress!
22 Nov 2008
Released PCC 1.1.17 and CCBSim 1.1.17.
Dozens of improvements and bugfixes: it helps to set up chunnels and send command messages, improves predictions and scripting, and the simulator can simulate FullWeaponry, PlanetImmunity and Commander ships.
20 Sep 2008
Uploaded ViewMess 1.2. This minor update had lurked on my hard disk for ages; it now supports files >64k and features a "skip group" function for quicker navigation.
29 Jun 2008
Updated CCShips to version 1.1.16. It now handles configuration files in a much more sensible way, so you can, for example, view shiplists with experience-restricted hull functions if you don't have pconfig.src. Oh, and it now knows its version number :-)
13 Apr 2008
Minor update to MGrep. Version 1.3d should now be able to search in inbox files containing up to 32000 messages (=maximum permitted by file format).
27 Jan 2008
Released PCC 1.1.16. Tons of gentle improvements and fixes: interpreter, inquiry about own and foreign units, history, messaging, etc...
The Report Editor was also updated.
19 Aug 2007
Updated file format list. Minor updates to other pages (timeline, client fact sheet).
26 Apr 2007
Minor update: peng 0.32. Now with correct quoting for XML output :-)
24 Mar 2007
Released PCC 1.1.15. It now supports the new "incompatible" options of current PHosts, and includes a few fixes and improvements as well. CCBSim and CCShips were also updated.
18 Mar 2007
Updated Check to version 0.4. It now has a few more checks, and an option to be extra picky.
18 Mar 2007
Updated Italian translation for PCC 2.
02 Dec 2006
Uploaded new version of PlayVCR. It includes a simulator. The installer and Winplan integration was completely redone, too.
12 Oct 2006
Updated Check to version 0.3. It can now check game checksums (control.dat).
13 Aug 2006
Released MGrep 1.3c. It includes some workarounds to make it work better under WinXP and FreeDOS/DOSEMU.
06 Aug 2006
Released PCC 1.1.14. Now includes export function.
06 Aug 2006
Updated File Format List.
14 Jul 2006
Very minor update: parseutil.pl can now interpret util.tmp. Those who wonder what I'm doing all the time: I updated this script because I needed it to debug new PHost / PDK functionality :-)
12 Apr 2006
Added MergeCCB utiltiy.
05 Mar 2006
Released PCC 1.1.13. Includes all the recent simulator updates, improvements to the scripting engines, plus several other improvements.
12 Feb 2006
Released Check 0.2. Can now check TRN against a RST, and generate log file in HTML format.
26 Dec 2005
Released CCBSim crashed instantly in some environments.
23 Dec 2005
Released CCBSim It can now simulate cloaked ships. Import from VCRs was improved. You can now temporarily disable ships. It also fixes some bugs.
07 Nov 2005
Released PCC 1.1.12a. This fixes an evil bug that strikes if you do not use PHost 4.0's experience system - it would not recognize hull functions in this case.
31 Oct 2005
Released PCC 1.1.12. It now supports PHost 4.0j's new hull functions, and includes a few improvements and fixes as well.
01 Oct 2005
Improved timeline with information from Andrew Andrienko and some other stuff.
20 Aug 2005
Uploaded new version of the File Format List: Updated to recent PHost, and converted to Latin 1.
09 July 2005
Updated CCPrint: slightly improved the report editor, and added new field definitions.
25 June 2005
Added Check 0.1, a new client-side turn checker.
05 June 2005
Added CCShips
30 April 2005
PCC 1.1.11 released. It now has graphical auto task display, and many fixes and improvements.
Added CCFonts release 3a. This brings back the anti-aliasing that got lost in release 3.
19 April 2005
MCheck upgraded to version 0.3.
5 March 2005
CCFonts release 3 adds more cyrillic fonts.
27 February 2005
peng 0.31 released (bugfix).
22 January 2005
peng 0.3 released.
20 January 2005
PCC Hotfix 1.1.10a released.
26 December 2004
PCC 1.1.10 released.
Added Client Fact Sheet (on request from RCworld forum).
05 October 2004
Uploaded improved version of the VGAP Timeline.
03 September 2004
CCBSim released. Updated File Format list.
25 July 2004
PCC 1.1.9 released.
15 May 2004
Added article about fuel usage.
15 April 2004
Uploaded updated Spanish translation of PCC II.
27 March 2004
PCC 1.1.8 released.
23 March 2004
Added new version of PlayVCR with Winplan integration. Thanks, Christian.
11 March 2004
Added new version of Portable Maketurn.
5 March 2004
Added Race Tools for PHost.

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