PCC2 Screenshots

This page presents some screenshots of PCC2 1.99.19 (December 2012), along with a description of the photographed function. Click on one of the small pictures to view it full-screen (640x480, between 20k and 100k per picture).

The starship screen. It looks like, and works like, the same thing in PCC 1.x: it supports extended ship missions, selection of special friendly codes from a list, and you can enter a note for each ship.
The planet screen. Again, similar to PCC 1.x: taxation offers help using the Auto-Tax feature, building (on a separate screen) offers Auto-Build with user-settable goals and unlimited undo. Supply sale can be undone as well.
The starbase screen. You can build starships or starship parts (including undo if you accidentally built a ship this turn), and give the other usual base orders.
The ship build screen. Just configure your ship. PCC2 will tell you how much it will cost, and will buy all necessary parts and tech upgrades for you. No need to mess with starbase storage if you don't want to.
Cargo transfer. Includes prefix argument support (known to some as "Move-or-Type interface").
The starchart, shown here with a ship in focus. This has been completely redesigned in PCC2 beta10. The info display to the right shows everything the ship screen also shows. Almost all ship functions are accessible. That is, you can use [F] to change the friendly code, or [M] to change the mission.
The score screen. PCC2 records scores for all turns it sees, and can generate various charts. PCC2 contains a few more display modes than PCC 1.x.
The search function. It works identical to the one in PCC 1.x. However, due to the new script interpreter, it is much faster and flexible.
The imperial statistics tell you where your minerals are buried, and much more. The links point to the respective object, or preconfigured search queries.
The battle simulator. Looks and feels like the PCC 1.x / CCBSim simulator we all know and love, but improved a little and much faster. By default, it now includes support for FLAK, a (still experimental) fleet combat system.
The Visual Combat Recorder. PCC2 integrates the PlayVCR combat engine, with full playback controls and effects.
The message reader shows your incoming sub-space messages.
New Beta 11: Game selection screen. This screen allows you to browse through your file system, and load games (with Winplan VPWORK support!). You can unpack RSTs and make turn files from here (but you don't have to; PCC2 can play directly out of a RST), and clean up game directories using the built-in sweep function. Unpack, Maketurn and Sweep are also available as command-line utilities (c2unpack, c2mkturn, c2sweep).
The help system is available almost anywhere and briefly describes every screen. (As of December 2012, it does not yet contain a whole tutorial, rule set etc. like the PCC 1.x help, though.)

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