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Name Size Last Modified Info 11k Nov 18 2003 Binary diff/patch utility. 12k Sep 3 2004 - 96k Nov 18 2003 (German) Emulator for the Robotron A5105 and similar computers (east-Germany Z80 and CP/M clone). Turbo Pascal source code included. alpha 30k Nov 18 2003 DPMI for Turbo Pascal. A DPMI client library for Turbo 6 (!). 7839 bytes Nov 18 2003 Type-safe printf-workalike for C++ 80k Nov 18 2003 (German) 100% pure Lambda. A program to evaluate untyped lambda expressions. Includes fancy stuff like lazy evaluation, a standard library, and some things to work with types. Includes C++ source code. Version 2.8 New: lazy evaluation (peval). Docs slightly outdated 2241 bytes Nov 18 2003 see here 17k Jan 10 2005 -
rebuild.pas 997 bytes Nov 18 2003 see here 15k Nov 18 2003 "Ripper", a program that extracts certain data files from amorphous binary blobs. Can be used to recover data from (images of) bad floppies, or to rip off resources from a game or demo.
DOS version, with source in Pascal, finds VOC, WAV, RMI, BMP, MID, ICE and ZIP files.
ripper-portable-src.tgz 6240 bytes Nov 18 2003 Portable version of Ripper, in C, finds BMP, MP3, PNG and RIFF (WAV, RMI, AVI) files and DOS directory entries (although it can't yet do anything with the latter). 7108 bytes Nov 18 2003 (German) Tool to set various VGA text modes. PD. 143k Nov 18 2003 tputuner precompiled binary for Turbo 6. 194k Nov 18 2003 (German) Code optimizer for Turbo Pascal: source code + precompiled binary for Turbo 7. 9854 bytes Nov 18 2003 Tool to convert text files (e.g. the VGAP file format list) into HTML

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