PHost - Utilities

Small Little Helpers

The PHost utilities are a set of small utilities needed by hosts from time to time. They are based upon the PHost development kit (PDK) and, like the development kit are open-source.

For download links, see the Download Index. This page contains a brief introduction.


The Utilities set consists of the following programs:

The PMaster program is no longer included. AMaster does everything PMaster does, plus much more.

All utilities have the same basic syntax:

utility [options] gamedir rootdir

All utilities, PTScore excluded, accept the options -h (display a help message) and -v (display version number).


This utility will print out all players' passwords. You can use this if a player has forgotten his password, or you're transferring a race to a replacement and the original player doesn't tell you the password.

This program runs only on host data. Technically, it is possible to reconstruct passwords from player files only, but we don't offer such a program.

Note: Although everyone ought to know that VGAP passwords offer no security, decoding player passwords is a security risk. When you're facing a situation as outlined above, we recommend resetting the player's password using the password command processor command.


This utility will remove a race from the game.

Usage: killrace [-k] race gamedirectory

The race is an integer between 1 and 11. KillRace will display a confirmation prompt unless -k is specified.


This utility will print or modify alliances.

Usage: pally [-t nnn|-c nnn] gamedirectory

Without options, PAlly displays the current alliances.

With option -t, builds a full alliance between all players given in nnn (e.g., -t 12A makes an alliance between Fed, Lizard and Rebel).

With option -c, cancels all alliances involving races from nnn (e.g., -c 12A cancels all alliances involving Feds, Lizards or Rebels).

Note: You can also control alliances through the auxcmds.txt interface. Both PAlly and auxcmds.txt bypass the CPEnableAllies switch, allowing you to establish alliances even if you disallowed it to players.


PTScore is a scoring system that does not only count your units like the normal scoring system, but instead takes your resources (minerals, supplies, cash) into account. The Utilities archive includes a detailed instructions file, ptscore.txt. This page just lists a brief overview.

Usage: ptscore [options] gamedirectory


-hprint help
-rdon't append score to RST files
-mmute operation (don't print the scores to the screen)
-fdon't generate a ptscore.log file
-tconfigure teams
-vvotes mode (overrides all other scoring options)
-Tdisable total score
-Udisable used score
-Rdisable used/total relation
-Penable planetary detailed score
-Benable starbase detailed score
-Wenable warship detailed score
-Fenable freighter score
-penable planet count
-benable base count
-wenable warship count
-fenable freighter count
-S?sort score by [t]otal, [u]sed, [r]atio, [b]ases, [p]lanets, [w]arships, [f]reighters or [0] race number


This utility can send a message from the host to players.

Usage: sendmess [-a] [-f name] races gamedirectory

Reads a message text from standard input, and sends it to all races specified on the command line. races must be a sequences of digits or letters not separated by spaces, e.g. 37B for Bird, Crystals and Colonies. E sends to everyone in the game.

With option -a, abort the message when it exceeds size limits (15x40). By default SENDMESS truncates the message.

You can change your name with -f. By default, messages appear as FROM: Your Host. With -f "Fred vom Jupiter", they will appear as FROM: Fred vom Jupiter.

Use this program before running the host.

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